20 Essential AI Tools for Marketing

Jun 12, 2024 | AI

Boost your marketing game with these 20 AI tools. Each offers unique features to enhance your strategies and drive results. Here’s a quick overview of their names, costs, AI features, and links to get started.

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

Cost: Free to $3,200/month
AI Features: Predictive lead scoring, content suggestions, chatbot automation
HubSpot Marketing Hub integrates AI to streamline your marketing efforts, from automated email campaigns to AI-driven lead scoring. This helps you prioritize the right prospects and create engaging content effortlessly.
Link: Sign Up for HubSpot Marketing Hub

2. SEMrush

Cost: $119.95 to $449.95/month
AI Features: SEO content templates, topic research, position tracking
SEMrush uses AI to enhance your SEO strategy with tools like SEO content templates and AI-powered topic research. It helps you analyze and track your website’s performance and competitors.
Link: Sign Up for SEMrush

3. Jasper AI

Cost: $29 to $119/month
AI Features: Content creation, blog posts, social media copy, ad copy
Jasper AI generates high-quality content for blogs, social media, and ads using advanced AI algorithms, helping marketers save time and maintain a consistent content strategy.
Link: Sign Up for Jasper AI

4. Canva

Cost: Free to $12.95/month
AI Features: Design suggestions, automated photo enhancements
Canva leverages AI to suggest design improvements and automate photo enhancements, making it easier for marketers to create visually appealing graphics and marketing materials.
Link: Sign Up for Canva

5. Mailchimp

Cost: Free to $299/month
AI Features: Email content optimization, audience segmentation, predictive analytics
Mailchimp utilizes AI to optimize email content, segment audiences more effectively, and predict customer behavior, enhancing your email marketing campaigns.
Link: Sign Up for Mailchimp

6. Hootsuite

Cost: Free to $599/month
AI Features: Social media scheduling, content curation, sentiment analysis
Hootsuite’s AI features include automated social media scheduling, content curation based on trends, and sentiment analysis to monitor brand perception.
Link: Sign Up for Hootsuite

7. ChatGPT by OpenAI

Cost: Free to $20/month
AI Features: Content generation, customer service, conversational AI
ChatGPT assists in generating content, providing customer service, and engaging users with conversational AI, making it a versatile tool for various marketing needs.
Link: Sign Up for ChatGPT

8. Grammarly

Cost: Free to $12/month
AI Features: Grammar checking, tone detection, style suggestions
Grammarly’s AI-driven grammar checking, tone detection, and style suggestions help ensure your marketing content is clear, professional, and on-brand.
Link: Sign Up for Grammarly

9. Ahrefs

Cost: $99 to $999/month
AI Features: Site audits, backlink analysis, keyword research
Ahrefs uses AI for site audits, backlink analysis, and keyword research, providing deep insights to improve your SEO strategy and boost search engine rankings.
Link: Sign Up for Ahrefs

10. Buffer

Cost: Free to $120/month
AI Features: Optimal timing for posts, content suggestions
Buffer’s AI features include suggesting optimal times to post content and recommending engaging content, helping you maximize your social media reach and engagement.
Link: Sign Up for Buffer

11. BuzzSumo

Cost: $99 to $299/month
AI Features: Content research, trend analysis, influencer identification
BuzzSumo uses AI to identify trending content, analyze market trends, and find influencers, enabling marketers to create timely and relevant content.
Link: Sign Up for BuzzSumo

12. Sprout Social

Cost: $249 to $499/month
AI Features: Social media listening, sentiment analysis, chatbots
Sprout Social’s AI capabilities include social media listening, sentiment analysis, and chatbot automation to help manage and optimize your social media presence.
Link: Sign Up for Sprout Social

13. CoSchedule

Cost: $29 to $1,200/month
AI Features: Headline analysis, content organization, marketing calendar
CoSchedule uses AI for headline analysis and optimizing your content calendar, helping you organize and execute marketing projects more efficiently.
Link: Sign Up for CoSchedule

14. Google Analytics

Cost: Free
AI Features: Predictive analytics, anomaly detection, automated insights
Google Analytics leverages AI to provide predictive analytics, detect anomalies, and generate automated insights, giving you a deeper understanding of your website’s performance.
Link: Sign Up for Google Analytics

15. Optimizely

Cost: Custom pricing
AI Features: Personalization, A/B testing, experimentation
Optimizely’s AI features include advanced personalization and A/B testing to help you optimize your website and marketing campaigns for better user experiences and conversions.
Link: Sign Up for Optimizely

16. Marketo

Cost: Custom pricing
AI Features: Predictive content, lead scoring, email personalization
Marketo uses AI for predictive content recommendations, lead scoring, and email personalization, helping you deliver more relevant and effective marketing messages.
Link: Sign Up for Marketo

17. Drift

Cost: Free to custom pricing
AI Features: Conversational marketing, chatbots, lead generation
Drift’s AI-powered chatbots and conversational marketing tools enhance lead generation and customer engagement, providing a seamless experience for website visitors.
Link: Sign Up for Drift

18. Adobe Spark

Cost: Free to $9.99/month
AI Features: Automated video creation, design suggestions
Adobe Spark uses AI for automated video creation and design suggestions, enabling marketers to quickly produce high-quality visual content.
Link: Sign Up for Adobe Spark

19. Salesforce Pardot

Cost: $1,250 to $15,000/month
AI Features: Predictive lead scoring, email marketing automation, campaign insights
Salesforce Pardot leverages AI for predictive lead scoring and email marketing automation, providing detailed campaign insights to enhance your B2B marketing efforts.
Link: Sign Up for Salesforce Pardot

20. Vidyard

Cost: Free to custom pricing
AI Features: Video analytics, personalized video creation, engagement tracking
Vidyard uses AI to provide video analytics, personalize video content, and track viewer engagement, making it a powerful tool for video marketing strategies.
Link: Sign Up for Vidyard

Enhance your marketing efforts with these powerful AI tools. Sign up today and start seeing better results!

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