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Guided Tour Company

This guided tour company was in need of a complete rebranding strategy as it sought to expand into new markets. To achieve this goal, they sought the expertise of our team in building a new website and optimizing existing content to appeal to a wider audience.

Guided Tour Company case study banner

Strategy + Outcome

We helped to design and implement a comprehensive blog strategy that included travel blogger outreach, which proved to be a successful tactic in expanding the company’s reach. As a result of our efforts, the company experienced consistent organic traffic growth month-over-month, with an impressive increase of 15 to 20 percent.

Increased Bookings and Revenue

Our team also worked to improve the conversion rates of the company’s existing content, which led to increased tour bookings. This effort was achieved through the optimization of the website’s layout, structure, and content, as well as the use of effective calls-to-action.

With our help, the website was able to generate over $2M in organic revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies. The site also ranks In the top 3 positions for hundreds of keywords, which helped to further increase its visibility and attract more customers.

Successful Campaign

Overall, our expertise and guidance were instrumental in the success of the guided tour company’s rebranding efforts, resulting in a significant increase in revenue and organic traffic growth. They were able to launch in new, competitive markets and have online visibility to guide them through the potentially rough waters ahead.

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